Sunday, March 14, 2010


The rapid development of high-speed railway has brought new opportunities to GSM-R,but the high reliability requirements of high-speed railway pose a severe challenge to GSM-R,which serves as the platform for carrying train control information.Wireless access part of GSM-R system is a weak link,so the reliability of the wireless part will determine the overall system reliability.At the same time,fast movement of high-speed trains leads to frequent handover failure,which has a serious impact on the communication,so rational radio planning is needed to ensure the continuity and reliability of the communication.In this papar,focused on the high-speed railway scenario,the pros and cons of the different means of radio redundancy coverage scheme are compared.Cell coverage radius and distance between base stations are planned meeting the requirements of train control.The relationship between train speed and the overlap zone is analyzed with performance simulation.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Assistant for General Manager

Good organization and coordination skills and be able to work independently.Outstanding interpersonal communication skills and problem-solving capabilityGood north face jackets, careful and patient, a logical mind, strong sense of responsibility

1.Provide accurate and efficient administrative support to Executive by cheap north face jackets. 2.Plan, schedule, organize and coordinate meetings and conference calls attended by Executive and prepare relevant materials.3.Prepare, coordinate and distribute reports and meeting minutes as needed.4.Assist Executive in compilation of presentation spyder jackets. Maintain, organize and prioritize files, reports, documents and correspondence for Executive.5.Answer and screen incoming telephone calls of Executive promptly and efficiently.6.Arrange domestic and international travel schedule and reservations for executive as needed.7.Coordinate working progress of all departments and report to Executive immediately. Assist Executive in communication with department head about business operation. 8.Complete other administrative duties assigned by Executive.
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Wuhan TV University

* Handle recruitment & retirement processes of staff, record work attendance, participate in evaluation of staff performances.* Monitor the daily performance of canteen maintenance, cleaning, car assignment, guards, responsible for handling emergent matters.* Revise and issue administrative policies and supervise the implementation.* Collect feedback from staff in regard of north face jackets regulations for better decision making.* Follow up public relationships.* Arrange internal English training for cheap north face jackets. Launch and promote internal English magazine and post.

* Support GM in all round of northface jackets.* Coordinate between GM, depts. and customers.* Attend GM Meeting, provide interpretation and translation services as required.* Prepare professional letters, presentations, reports, memos, meeting agenda in English.* Organize travel, tickets booking & hotel accommodation, etc. * Establish & maintain file system, keep sensitive documents in confidence. * Other secretarial work like PC document editing, faxing, receiving & sending correspondence, etc.

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Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

A, Senior Secretary to Chief Representative﹡ Arrange and attend meetings, record meeting minutes.﹡ Log office important activities, visits, record business trips on behalf of Chief Representative.﹡ Prepare reports, presentations, memos, faxes, or letters, and/or meeting Cheap Nike shoes. ﹡ Make business travel agenda, reserve hotel rooms and book tickets on behalf of Chief Representative.﹡ Handle and update Chief Representative's work/residence permission as well as other expatriates’.﹡ Liaison with property management company of rental house of Chief Representative.B, Admin﹡ Issue the company's admin regulations and ensure employees' conducts and behaviours in compliance with the company's ethical code and policies.﹡ Arrange agenda of cheap men's nike shoes visitors coming to China office, provide translation if necessary.﹡ Coordinate between USS HQ, China office and government institutes. Act as the primary external liaison to maintain relationship with governmental institutes, suppliers and outsourcing services. ﹡ Monitor the normal maintenance of file system.﹡ Other admin matters, such as purchasing stationeries, receiving and dispatching expresses, mails, etc. C, Finance﹡ Monitor salary payment & local taxation of the company's FEIT/BT and office chief's cheap womens nike shoes. Design welfare package.﹡ Supervise usage of office daily expenses comprising petty cash and bank expenses.﹡ Make and submit monthly office expenditure reports as required.D, HR﹡ Liaison with EFESCO regarding staff’s welfare and salary.﹡ Schedule recruitment of new employees subject to the company's operation strategy. ﹡ Control the whole process of recruitment, including advert, screening resumes, participating and arranging interview, proposing to the final selection.
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Proceq Asia Pte Ltd. SH Representative Office

Have 10 yrs working experiences in scope of Administration and HR management, among which, 3 years acted as Admin & HR Mgr in USA and Swiss Representative Offices in cheap nike shoes, 5 years worked as GM Secretary and then Admin Supervisor in a Sino-Holland JV which has more than 1000 staff in its HQ. Hold Bachelor of Arts in major of English Education. Can work well in a multi-cultural and diverse work force by using proficient English and computer skills.Be mature,cheap Wholesale nike shoes , highly self-motivate

A,Buy cheap nike shoes﹡ Relocation of officea) Handle and manage all matters in office relocation, including selecting agency, choosing new office address, signing rental contract, supervising decoration in new office, and organizing office movement.b) Supervise fit up of telephones, net lines, and broadband in new office.c) Keep daily liaison with property management company in new office building.d) Handle all pending procedures with property management company in old office building.﹡ Closedown of RO and Setup of a companya) Choose agency to handle all matters related.b) Control the handling procedure and schedule, feedback to Chief of RO and Switzerland HQ.c) Give assistance of preparing all related documents.﹡ Exhibitionsa) Contact with organizer of exhibition.b) Choose booth and lay out.﹡ Othersa) Record and distribute product brochures and company gifts. b) File office documents systematically.c) Handle and update office’s certificates.d) Keep daily liaison with Swiss HQ and Singapore branch company.e) Make agenda for Swiss and/or Singapore colleagues travel in China, including invitation letter preparation, accommodation arrangement, air tickets booking, other transportation within China, etc.f) Other daily admin affairs such as receiving and sending mails, expresses, couriers, etc, managing office daily cleaning. B, Finance﹡ Control office petty cash usage and company bank account usage.﹡ Prepare and submit monthly office expense report, cash update & bank reconciliation to Fin. Dept of Singapore Branch Co.. ﹡ Liaison with Bank of China and handle all income and expenditure of company bank account. ﹡ Tax computation and liaison with tax bureau and annual audit company.﹡ Staff monthly reimbursement. C, HR﹡ Liaison with EFESCO regarding staff’s welfare and salary.﹡ Recruit new staff and/or recruit intern for exhibitions when needed.﹡ Liaison with lawyer regarding contract amendment, etc.D, Senior secretary to Chief Representative﹡ Update office and Chief Representative's certifications, work/residence permission, etc.﹡ Make business travel agenda, reserve hotel room and book tickets.﹡ Other ad-hoc duties.E, Purchase﹡ Purchase company product brochures, including selecting suppliers, inquiring, making printing quantities and types, controlling and supervising printing process and qualities. ﹡ Purchase company gifts. ﹡ Purchase company product accessories, including selecting domestic suppliers, communicating and feedbacking with Swiss purchasing colleague, signing PO, supervising producing procedures, checking upon delivery, supporting in delivery and transportation. ﹡ Purchase office furniture and stationeries and office supplies. F, Sales recording﹡ Make and submit weekly sales and marketing reports to Swiss HQ.﹡ Gather data and submit weekly customer visits reports of all office sales staff as required by Chief Representative.
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Friday, March 5, 2010

Don’t Separate College Students From Society

It is reported that in FuDan University most of students who live in newly built student apartments or off-campus housing hire clearness from housekeeping services. This action has caused an intense debate between these students and administers of the nike running shoes. Students think that hiring cleaners is a new form of efficiency. But the administers think that it’s an excuse for avoiding responsibility. In fact, these students’ action has nothing to be accused. Their action indicates that now student are becoming harmonious with society.Making full use of the society service has become very popular among college students. Because using services means give up unnecessary burdens. When students enter University they have to deal with a lot of things besides study. The events of everyday life occupy a large part of their energy. They feel impressed because they can’t find enough time to study, especially for those who prepare for their nike trainers. While, with the development of modern society, more and more services are provided, people can chose different services to help them have an ease life. At the same time, the service industry can provide job opportunity to some people, thus reduce the impression of cheap nike shoes. So the development of service industry is the symbol of the development of society. And more and more people accept social service. As a part of society, college students have the right to use the social service. But many people think that using social service is the privilege of those who have worked. They think that college students should do everything themselves. They should form the habit of independent. They consider those students who use social service as lazy and bad students. What cause them to think so, is their traditional opinion that college student is a separate group of society.College student are adults, they has learned most of the ability to have a good life. So they have the right to get the social services, they shouldn’t be separated.