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All work on the project implementation

Five years, Caterpillar and the ABB system project implementation experience, technology, business, etc. have a comprehensive http://www.wineloverspage.com/forum/village understanding and experience, proficiency in the SAP system.All work on the project implementation in the content and job responsibilities are understood clearly the work processes and requirements. Work assignments for team members to coordinate the work of organizational support, and so a complete experience, a strong sense of team. Has been responsible for the sales team, technical support team and customers, third party of communication. Has a wealth of experience and communication skills, with the officers with the Polo Burberry
unit maintains good cooperation and personal relationships.Presided over a number of large, complex projects, there is a wealth of experience and good customer reputation.With hard work and enterprising spirit, energetic, Modern Ocean Motif able to adapt to travel work.1 shows the value of self-2 stable EQ3. Management and professional manner 4. Flexibility and self-confidence 5 position and role of self-6 into the corporate culture 7. Self-experience
20 years experience, 13 years in cross-border foreignhttp://acmicpc-live-archive.uva.es/archiveboard, fluent in English. There are more than 15 years of management experience, familiar with the establishment of food systems, cost control, and the formation and training of a professional hotel management team.18 years of financial experience, good ethics, a strong work ability, the overall concept and team spirit, good compressive strength
Professional skills and expertisehttp://www.myprice.com.cn/forums
One versed in Chinese accounting standards, international accounting standards, provide the basis for management decisions for the company, according to financial accounting and management accounting principles, to help develop the company's financial strategic planning.2, the establishment of the company's financial management system, implementation of financial budget, cost control and analysis; Wedding Cakes Decoration Ideas
3, and organized accounting management, accounts management and external audit reports and other work.3, according to the company's business strategy and financial strategy, and organized business analysisPolo Tommy , budget management, team building, management and internal control system construction work, and business decisions.4, and organized financing, capital budgeting, capital allocation and so on.5 skilled in financial software
6 CET, has some English listening and speaking ability http://forum.mymediasystem.org http://forum.dlg.org

Department of Safety served as project engineer

7 years experience in project HSE management, safety engineering graduate. Worked in a large state-owned enterprises and 500 foreign Lafarge company, 11 in August joined the United States Cabot Corporation. Department of Safety served as project engineer, security officer and other positions. Familiar with the regulatory requirements, familiar with foreign security management procedures, specifications and requirements. Good teamwork and a proactive attitude, good communication skills and English proficiency, skilled use of office software and AUTO CAD. Can serve as security manager, security officer and other positionsI am native fluent in spoken English, basic French and customers can communicate. To and from different cultures and backgrounds to deal with. Love of learning, self-motivated. They are honest, law-abiding; hobbies, happy with people, there is a better team. With strong expression and communication skills, strong sense of responsibility, self-motivated the challenge, the opportunity to help enhance their ability bored.
Motto: do yourself, never give up! Believe: the opportunity always favor those who are prepared mind! Attention to detail,http://www.chinese-forums.com
responsible for working with the right attitude. With good professionalism, if fortunate enough to add your company to further realize their value would be greatly appreciated!I have the ability to adapt to the new environment, willing to challenge, good at hardship, practical earnest, responsible, Three Inspiring Wedding Ideas full of affinity and good teamwork. In school during theRalph Lauren Italy
AIESEC (International Business Economics Student Union) as Vice President of Xi'an district to participate in a varietyhttp://www.gopusa.com/forum
of business practices, have a more extensive publicity, marketing and public relations experience.I am calm personality, man Pursues realm of charity, diligence and pursue results-oriented. Work experience focused on business development operations at the branch office and integrated management, specializes in the formation, training, management office or a functional team. Hope to help enterprises more rational allocation of resources, sustained and effective in exploring the same time develop a profit model to fight tough team.Modest and easy-going personality, cheerful self-confidence, study hard; won several scholarships and hospital integrated school and progress of intellectual scholarship; be skilled in computer operations and CAD mapping software to do; quick thinking, there are strong practical ability; at SAIC Commercial Vehicle served as associate and process engineers, production jobs, serious and responsible work, strong sense of responsibilityPolo Ralph Lauren, to be Director of recognition.Five Great Wedding Themes Company was given a rare opportunity to participate in Germany DURR automatic spraying robot project, and is responsible for automatic spraying robot parameter adjustment and twenty-three section in process improvement; http://forum.xatrix.org
have some sense of organization and coordination ability and team involved in the preparation of the workshop system and recognized by external audit , a strong collective sense of honor.
Although I graduated not long, but school started, http://forum.biovalley.ch
I look for every opportunity to the corporate practice, practice, and accumulated a lot of experience, benefit from:

Thursday, July 15, 2010

organization and harmonize

Have the good familiar for China shipbuilding industry;
Have the professional knowledge of giesel engine and generator set;
Work hard and sincerely willing, prom dresshave good communication and coordination ability - Strong ability of management, organization and harmonize.
- Specialized in marketing analysis and plan, brand name building,
establishment & strengthening of sales and channels network, organizatio
n and harmonize.polo shirts
- Have intimate knowledge & resources in solid/liquid Separation & filtration and fluid handling in the fieldscheap prom dress of Water treatment, Oil & Gas, HPI & CPI, Power, Pulp & paper
- Good command in English & Mandarin.
Career Objective:prom dresses
Leading and building a team to learn, grow to reach companys' and personal targets, to increase and/or defend market sharescheap lacoste polo shirts, to boost company/product brandness in the focused niche markets.
Blue street

Be able to work and live in United States legally if needed

Over 20 years of software development and system integration experiences. providing proposals for the project,ed hardy underwearapproval of feasibility,preliminary design for IT project in the consultant department in the latest 5 years .
Career Objective:ed hardy hoodies
A position as a consultant or a director/manager of a department in IT company whichi will benefit from my 5 years IT project consult and 15 years software development and system integration experiances . 4 years working experiences lacoste polo shirtsin Marketing and Branding in the best company of the industry
2 years study and working experience in United Kingdom London
Be able to work and live in United States legally if needed.
Career Objective:polo shirts
hope to work ed hardy trousersfor a great company that need the staff to know both chinese and western culture. Familiar with both side, and be able to work between both side as a reliable bridge.

chasing you

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Don't be a jerk! Contrarysorry i love you to popular opinion, all of the employees at the IRS are people, too. They have wives, husbands, and kids, and they're employed at the IRS because they're working in their chosen profession. you will be strongAnd make no mistake -- they are trained professionals. Taking out your frustrations on an auditor will get you nowhere. Insulting the auditor verbally will not solve anyin the sky problems. And assaulting one physically is a federal offense. Remember, these people are just trying to do their jobs. Be courteous, even if the auditor is not courteous to you or seems unreasonable. If you arrive at the audit with a large chip on your shoulder, you might make a famous violinistthe auditor less willing to see things in your light.
Provide only copies. Don't bring originalA Midsummer Night's Dream documents to the audit. If you do bring originals, do not give them to the agent. Request that the agent make copies and give the originals back to you. Once you hand over your original documents, there's a very good chance that they will be misplaced or lost. Then you're the one holding the bag, since the IRS isn't responsible for documents lost in its possession.
Stay on point. The auditor will be able to obtain some valuable information in what seem to be simple and friendly discussions. Asking about an expensive new car that you might have purchased, or that vacation to the Greek Isles, might give the auditor reason to believe that you're not reporting all of your income and thus expand the scope of the audit. When you meet with the auditor, in essence, you're providing testimony. So answer as many questions as possible with a simple "yes" or "no" response. If you must expand or explain, keep it brief and very much to the point. Don't give the auditor a reason to expand the audit because of your tendency to ramble on.
Know your rights as a taxpayer. Remember that an audit is like a small trial. It is an adversarial exercise. So while you can disagree without being disagreeable, you must know your rights, the audit process, and the law behind the deductions you are claiming. Settling any difference at the audit level is generally best, but if you can't come to an agreement, you have rights that allow you to request a conference with the IRS Appeals Division.

Surviving an IRS Audit

We all dread the thought of having the code lifeIRS tell us it wants to review a previous year's tax return. If you get audited, your best bet is to seek out a qualified tax professional. But if you're a do-it-yourself type of person, here are a few tips you can use to help you survive the audit process.Don't ignore the notice. You generally have 30 days to respond to an audit notice. If you don't respond, the IRS can take action, such as automatically adjusting your tax liability, and the next correspondence you'll receive is a bill. I love apple
Read and follow the notice. The audit notice will give you specific information as to what items are being examined. Knowing what's being It is betterscrutinized will help you determine what you need to bring to the audit, so you can substantiate the items in question.
Organize your records. Making the auditor's job easier will win you some points. The auditor will at least believe that you're an organized person and thatIt will never cold all of your items are documented and justified. Don't be afraid to group the items in question, or attach an adding-machine tape that matches the tax return. you can find hope hereThat will allow the auditor to quickly review the important issues. Don't believe those who tell you that you can just throw your records in a bag, drop it on the auditor's desk, and shout, "You figure it out!" That just doesn't work. Remember, it's your legal responsibility to prove your deductions.Replace missing records. If you're going through your records and find that some of them are missing, call for duplicates immediately. Don't just go to the audit and claim that the records are missing or lost. That does you no good at all. At best, the auditor will request that you obtain the records. At worst, the deduction in question will be denied, since there are no supporting documents.
Bring only what you're asked for. Leave at home any additional records and items not requested in the original audit notice. That way, if the auditor is curious about something else on the tax return, but the item was not on the original audit notice, you can politely tell him or her that those records are at home. It's likely that the issue will be dropped right there.

Responsibilities and Achievements

Coordinate complaints with all related plants, sales and all related party to deal with customer service issue (focus on Transmission, ralph lauren polo shirtsChassis & Engine Accessories).? Take part of the decision of new suppliers.? Build and Develop of new suppliers based on focused programs.ralph lauren polo shirts Lacoste Polo ShirtsLacoste Polo Shirts
? Planning and performance of potential analysis inclusive tracing of measures.? Reclamation management (trouble shooting) by the suppliers in case of actual quality matters.? Qualification of existing suppliers, quality discussions with other departments.? Systematically tracing of measures and be part of audits.? Give training for methods (APQP, PPAP, 8D, FMEA) to the supplier.? Implementation of the Q-requirements by the supplier.? Take part of the decision of the disqualification of a supplier.? Performance of supplier-appraisals and tracing of the supplier-actions chi hair straightener
? Technical Support for the purchasing-, and the technical departments? Improve, implement and develop of Q-standards (documentation)
? For customer service in all plants - region Asia Pacific. ? Visiting of customer's in order to take care about the customer's satisfaction.
? Arrange related meetings about complaints with related departments and make 8-D. ? Report for customer.? Organize failure analysis for customer complaints.? Make statistic about customer complaints.? Give necessary quality training. ? Training of quality standards & methods for our sales departments.? Be the quality part of customer projects.? Other support tasks, according to requests of Q-director / region Asia Pacific.
? Monitor quality of production by sampling parts timely, estimate defect rate of current production.
? Issue CAR to relevant departments and follow up timely when nonconforming issues happen.
? Establish MRB (Material Review Board) flow, including MRB procedure set up and initiate MRB meetings.
? Collect quality data (eg, defect rate and rework rate) of each process station (daily, weekly and monthly), giving a clear overview of how is production running to management level.
? Following relevant department to finish task, as well as result confirmation.